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In the may use area of electronic business incubation port co., LTD10000Square meters£¬The project has been invested2500Ten thousand yuan£¬Contains the funds to set up the incubator seeds300Wan¡£Has been identified as a national science and technology business incubators breeding units¡¢The gen space pilot units in guangdong province¡¢Small miniature enterprise business innovation demonstration base in guangdong province¡¢Meizhou city business incubators¡¢Meizhou city municipal science and technology incubator

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A made-up¡°0Ten thousand yuan business support¡±Mode£¬Aimed at large¡¢Technical secondary school graduates¡¢The hunters and rural farming people such as the youth group¡£Through the original no threshold0Yuan business incubation model£¬Greatly improve the enthusiasm of young people£¬Through learning and gen¡¢Step by step operational mode£¬Easy to get started£¬Achieve business¡£

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Organization structure integrity¡¢Incubation training outstanding achievements¡¢Hall experienced company team operating characteristics¡£

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